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Gray & Associates have been providing Real Estate Appraisals for the Central Texas Area since 1985 with over 20,000 appraisals completed, we have the experience to meet all of your Appraisal Needs.

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By utilizing the latest technological advances our team is enabled to provide you with a completely streamlined appraisal process, ensuring high quality, competitively priced appraisals in an expeditious fashion.
Three Generations of Appraisal Experience!

As one of the most prominent appraisal and consulting firms, Gray & Associates Appraisal Services has been called upon to provide valuation services for the area's most noteworthy real estate concerns and property owners. These services have involved a variety of properties.

Our reports conform to the requirements of government agencies, lending institutions, courts, clients, under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). This is done through full narrative or form reports to best serve the client's needs and level of documentation desired.

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The Austin Real Estate Market Leads The Nation!

Recent statistics showed Texas is one of the leading areas for economic recovery in the United States, according to Housing Intelligence’s Market Health Report recently released. In ranking the markets, Housing Intelligence considers data such as unemployment rate, job and income growth, and home price appreciation, among other factors.

Six out of the 20 healthiest housing markets are in Texas, according to the report. In January, Texas recorded increases in employment more than double the national growth rate. Likewise, the Lone Star State’s unemployment rate is declining.

The six Texas markets listed in the top 20 are Austin at second with a health index of 86.5; College Station at seventh with 78.6; Houston at 11th with 77.3; San Antonio at 14th with 75.6; Amarillo at 19th with 73.6; and Dallas at 20th with 70.7.

Housing Intelligence’s report states that even though the pace of economic recovery is uncertain, there are pockets of strength in some local housing markets across the country For example, North Carolina is home to the markets with the best and worst index rating.

While Raleigh, N.C., scored the highest in the index, another North Carolina area, Rocky Mount, scored the lowest index – 6.0. Of the 200 markets surveyed across the United States, Housing Intelligence reports only 22 would receive the letter grade C or better if they were being graded on a 100-point scale.

The Housing Intelligence released selected information from its monthly Market Health Report.

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The Appraisal Process

There are three traditional approaches to establishing real estate value: the Sales Comparison Approach, the Cost Approach and the Income Approach; the Sales Comparison Approach is the most commonly used and most widely known. In this approach the appraiser compares the property being appraised to similar, nearby properties that have recently sold using the selling prices of those “comparable” homes as a basis for the value of the home being appraised.

In the Cost Approach to value the appraiser calculates the replacement cost of the structure(s), less any depreciation, then adds the value of the underlying land to develop an estimate of the replacement cost.

The Income Approach estimates the value of the property based on the amount of rent the property might produce. This approach is more commonly used in non-residential properties, and although it has application in residential valuation, historically, there has not been much readily available rental data; therefore most residential appraisals do not include this approach

As one of Central and South Texas full service appraisal firms in the Austin area, we provide a comprehensive answer for valuation concerns. Our appraisal, education, and experience are second to none for the Central and South Texas area. All of our appraisers are licensed or certified by the State of Texas.

With education and experience we take pride in providing a consistent service of thorough, accurate analysis of your real estate problems.

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